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    Companies adhere to the "trying to retain people, emotion, pay and conditions" as the consistent policy of human resources working in the personnel recruitment, selection, training, incentive and restriction, and performance evaluations, the continuous innovation, strong Creating Upland, gradually establish a scientific human resources management system.

    Use of "open, fair, and competitive," the employment mechanism, no matter what position you are, if you can develop your potential talent, as long as you have genuine talent, you can reuse the company’s talent. King who has formed a dedicated, fair competition, respect for knowledge and talent of a good atmosphere, so that each one has the ability, dedication of the staff can display their talents, fulfillment!

    Families with Indus Phoenix side, the company provides wings for the soaring talent vast sky. With wide sea diving, sky high the birds to fly, we sincerely welcome more insight into our ranks, join hands in creating a better future!

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