Power Management ICs for Processors

NXP Semiconductors

NXP PMICs are designed to support the demands of powering application processors with a single-chip solution

Image of NXP's Power Management ICs for ProcessorsNXP offers power management integrated circuits (PMICs) for various families of their i.MX applications processors to optimize power efficiency and software/hardware integration. These PMICs integrate both switching and linear regulators required for a total system solution. They may also integrate battery management functions that include a switching or linear battery charger, a coulomb counter, coin cell charger, and power path selection.

These PMICs are supported as part of the complete i.MX reference design platforms, which include hardware and software solutions. This provides one-stop customer service and support during the development phase to enable a faster time to market.

PF8101 / PF8201 Series - Ideal for i.MX 8 and i.MX 8X processors’ based applications

PF8121 Series - Designed for high-performance consumer applications; with the ability to supply up to 10 A, the PF8121 features seven high-efficiency buck converters and four linear regulators for powering the processor, memory, and miscellaneous peripherals

PF8100/PF8200 Series - Ideal for i.MX 8, i.MX 8X, and S32V processors’ based applications and suitable for powering Layerscape LS1043A and other high-performance processors

MC34VR500 Series - Power management solution for network processor systems LS1023A, LS1043, T1012, T1023, LS1024A, LS1046A, LX2160, LS1043/23A, T1013, T1023, LS1028, T1023/13, LS1020A, LS1021A, and LS1022A

MC34VR5100 Series - Designed to power single- or dual-core LS1 processors such as LS1012A and LS1024A

MC34PF1550 Series - Designed to power i.MX 7ULP, i.MX 6SL, 6UL, 6ULL 6SX, and RT processors-based and battery-powered systems

MC34PF1510 Series - Designed to power i.MX 7ULP, i.MX 6SL, 6UL, 6ULL, and 6SX processors

MC34PF4210 Series - Designed to power the i.MX 8M family of applications processors

MC34PF3000 Series - Designed to power Cortex®-A7 based i.MX 7 Solo and i.MX 7 Dual Cortex-A9 core product family including the i.MX 6 DualLite and all single-core Cortex-A9 i.MX processors

MC34PF3001 Series - Ideally suited for i.MX6UL processors and can also meet the power consumption requirements for other low-end i.MX 6 series, including the i.MX 6Solo, i.MX 6SoloLite, i.MX 6SoloX, i.MX 7D, and i.MX 7S


  • Bucks
  • LDOs
  • Boosts
  • Sequencing
  • I²C communication
  • Configurability
  • Functional safety


  • Flexible power management for i.MX processors from a single chip
  • DC-to-DC regulators
  • Power management for LayerScape Network processors
  • Battery charger / management



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